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Monthly Faq
  X-Men VS Street Fighter

        If you're looking for a good X men VS SF FAQ, and not just a regular
one with just special moves, then you've come to the right place! Send your
comments and corrections to:  [email protected].

        This is version 2.0, and there are some more bonuses, corrections,
and small adjustments. You can download this and other versions on AOL.
        In case you couldn't figure it out, this is a guide to Capcom's
awesome fighter, X-MEN VS STREET FIGHTER. This game is so good, I had to write
a FAQ on it. It plays like Marvel Super Heroes, except without the gems. Sorry for
getting this out so late after the grand release. I just had a lot of projects to do.
I just thought some people might want this or need it. This game should be
distributed to all of your local arcades by now.

        For the character profiles, the strategies I've included are what I
use. You don't have to follow these strategies, but those are the ways I play
them, and these strategies are partially based on opinion, but also facts.
        For my combos, some players get confused by the system. The little
things at the beginning like: SJ. or DS. D. means WHEN you are supposed to
be pressing the buttons, not to do them. Okay, say the SJ., which stands
for Super Jumping. If the combo is: D. Fp, SJ. Wp, SJ. Mp, SJ. Fp, then it
means to do a Ducking Fierce Punch, and Super Jump while pressing the buttons
in sequence, not to do the Ducking Fierce Punch, Super Jump, press Weak Punch,
land, Super Jump again, press Medium Punch, land, Super Jump once more and
press Fierce Punch. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone, just a note.

What's new in 2.0:

1) New section for normal moves
2) Cammy's Cannon Drill/Thrust Kick Super has correct name
3) Corrected motion for Magneto's Force Field
4) More combos
5) Corrected combos that didn't usually work
6) Tid bits of info
7) Corrected " Taunt " feature
8) All the taunts for each character
9) The colors for each character ( No Auto Block colors, sorry )
10) Rogue's air dash
11) Chun Li's Double Jump
12) Cyclop's Double Jump
13) Top Ten Cheapest things in X-Men VS SF List
14) The Stages
15) Corrected name for Ken's QCF, 3x Kicks Super
16) Zangief's Super Leaping Death Snatch
17) Corrected, Off the Ground instead of On the Ground
18) Akuma/Ryu's Dragon Punch, made a mistake on it. It is ( G ),
    not ( G/A )
19) Other corrections

What's in here:

1) The Cast of Characters
2) Key of moves
3) The Story
4) Features
5) Combos
6) Quick Reference Guide
7) The Characters and their moves,
   each described in detail
8) The best or useful normal moves for each character
9) Good teams and Duals
10) Top Ten Cheapest Things List
11) The Stages
12) Codes and stuff
13) Endings
14) Credits

 The Cast of Characters

For team X-MEN:


For team Street Fighter:

M. Bison

 Key of moves

U = Up
D = Down
B = Back
F = Forward
UF = Up forward
UB = Up Back
DB = Down Back
DF = Down Forward                         
Jab or Wp = Weak Punch                     
Strong or Mp = Medium Punch             
Fierce or Fp = Fierce Punch               
Short or Wk = Weak Kick                   
Mk = Medium Kick or Forward ( confusing )
Roundhouse or Sk = Fierce Kick
P = Any Punch
K = Any Kick
3x Punches= All Punches
3x Kicks= All Kicks
D. = Ducking
S. = Standing
J. = Jumping
SJ. = Super Jumping
DS. = Dashing
ADS. = Air Dashing
DP = Dragon Punch motion: F, D, DF
QCF = Quarter Circle Forward
QCB = Quarter Circle Backwards
HCF = Half Circle Forward
HCB = Half Circle Backwards
OTG = Off the Ground
( G ) = Can be done on ground
( A ) = Can be done in air
( G/A ) = Can be done on ground and in air
   Button Layout   
      Jab   Strong Fierce
      ( )    ( )    ( )
      ( )    ( )    ( )
     Short Forward Roundhouse

 The Story

    Apocalypse has captured mutants and Street Fighters to
    create an army. Ryu and Cyclops form a team to get the
    captured mutants and Street Fighters back. M. Bison,
    Magneto, and others have their own goals.

   In the latest addition to the Capcom family, you pick out a pair of
 characters from the wide selection. To win, you must eliminate BOTH of
 the other player's characters, not just one. After you've cleared out
 all the teams, you face Apocalypse. The partner who kills Apocalypse
 fights his other partner, and then sees his ending. So you must be careful
 to see who you want to beat the game with when you fight Apocalypse.
 Dashing- Simply press F, F or 3x Punches.

 Super Jumping- Press D, U quickly, or 3x Kicks.

 Blocking- This is a no brainer, unless you've been in a hole for
           9 years. Just hold back for a standing block, hold down back
           for a ducking block, or hold back in the air for an air block.

 Overheads- Some people have overheads. These ground based moves hit a guy
            that is down blocking. You must do a standing block. They do come
            in handy once in a while. You DON'T have to jump to do these.
 Tag Team- Press FP and FK at the same time. The fighter leaving will be
           invincible, and the partner coming in will leap in kicking,
           and then taunt for about 2 seconds. The fighter coming in is
           vulnerable, and can be damaged, so be careful! The red portion
           of your bar will slowly regenerate for the character that is
           not fighting. If your opponent looks like he's waiting for you
           to switch, don't. He probably wants to waste you with a massive
           combo. If he sucks, switch. Switch often to regain lost energy,
           but not too often. He'll wise up and strike you during your taunt.
           If you keep playing with the same character and never switch, your
           character will die, and the other character will be alone to fend
           for himself. No Dual Supers, no Tag Counters, and less energy to
           fall back on. Strategically switch at the right time when your
           opponent attacks to counter him or combo a Tag with a move! I've
           had a lot of players play me that just keep tagging. Fortunately,
           I was Juggernaut. Whenever he switched, I'd block and Double Fist
           him during his taunt. If I had Super bar, I'd Headcrush him. The,
           funny thing is, he kept on doing it in a blind attempt to hit me
           at least once with it. He eventually lost.

 Rolling- Like in Marvel Super Heroes and the Alpha series, this move
          helps to escape corner traps, cheap ticking, and is pretty good
          for a suprise attack or escape. Do a HCF to roll forward or a
          HCB to roll backwards after being knocked down or out of the air.
          When you do this it goes under most projectiles and you can pass
          through your opponent to the other side and attack! This can really
          save you, if you roll and avoid further damage off the ground.
          NOTE: You can't roll after the Flying Screen, which is when the
                opponent being hit by an air combo or certain Special moves
                zooms across the screen or up the wall in the corner very
 Reversals- These are the best moves that only masters can do! ( kind of )
            To do a reversal, do a special move RIGHT when you get up. Say
            you have one tiny pixel left of life. You are on the floor, and
            your opponent launches a fireball your way. You do a Shoryuken
            as soon as you get up and the fireball that was right on you
            passes through you because you did the Dragon Punch ( which passes
            through fireballs ) right when you got up. Another example is you
            are on the floor, and say, Wolverine jumps at you. He does a Jab
            and you COULD block it, but as soon as you get up, you nail him
            with a Gene Splice. See? Reversals can be very useful against
            cheese kills, ticks, and can sometimes just catch your foe by

 Throws- Those mighty cheap throws are back! Just hold forward or back and
         press a Medium or Fierce button. Just to warn you, you can't block
         these! This time around they do less damage and have shorter range.
         All the characters have air throws, too!

 Ticks-  The tick! No, not the big blue guy. The tick is one of the cheapest
         features to hit a fighting game. It started with SF2. To do a tick,
         just hit the enemy, and if they block it, throw them! These do have
         limitations though. Throws have shorter range so it's harder to tick
         them. The opponent can push you away with a Push or even do a Tag &
         Counter on you. They could even throw you by holding back and tapping
         the Fierce button before you can throw them. They might possibly not
         even block the attack, and counter it or get hit by it on purpose to
         throw you! The throw can also be softened. Although there are many
         ways to avoid a tick, many people don't do a thing about it and just
         assume I won't throw them. Some people just don't learn after a few
         of these either. And if they decide to let themselves be hit to throw
         me, I just combo the move to kill them. I can only do this when I
         KNOW they've learned there lesson and want to do this. The tick is
         " cheap " and good to do, but use in moderation.

 Throw Softening- This move is great to do! Simply do a throw motion
                  while being thrown. You will shake out of it and land on
                  your feet, lessening the damage greatly. You can't soften
                  special move throws, though. It's usually very useful.

 Taunt- This move is useless, except for making your opponent angry and
        feeding your ego. Just press start. It can be used infinitely.

 Push- Press 3x Punches while you are blocking a move. This will simply
       push the opponent away, preventing ticks and traps. A fairly useful
       move, but use in moderation.
 Tag & Counter- This is a VERY useful move. B, DB, D, any punch while you are
                blocking a move. Your partner will come in and take a crack
                at your opponent, countering him! Your partner will stay in
                the battle and your current character will exit. This is a
                good way to switch without risking damage. Unfortunately, it
                takes away from your Super bar. Similar to Alpha Counters.
 Special Moves- By doing standard Capcom motions ;), a move that will inflict
                good damage or that's useful will be executed. These are what
                really make Capcom games shine. Usually the strength of the
                button determines the direction, speed, or other variable of
                the special move. These do block damage, which means it still
                damages the enemy just a tiny bit even if they block it. Even
                though block damage isn't a sufficient way to kill people, it
                does come in handy sometimes. Usually, block damage does
                about the same as a Jab.
 Super Bar- This wonderful feature makes quick kills and surviving easier.
            It enables you to do Supers, Duals, and Counters. It slowly
            builds up ( well, not always slowly ) whenever you attack, get
            hit, and especially when you do a Special move. I was informed
            that the Super Bar also gives you greater defense against
            Super Moves.
 Super Moves- Ah yes.... the mighty Super moves. These moves can do vast
              amounts of damage, but don't do something dumb like throw a
              Super Fireball at a character with lots of energy and have
              them block it. These take up 1 level of your super bar. If
              your Super move connects, then most of the time pressing
              the buttons rapidly will equal more hits. Some moves do not
              increase hits when the buttons are hit. These do block damage
              like special moves. If you finish them off with these, there
              is a neat effect. If you do it with an X-Men character, there
              is a huge X and purple flash. If you finish them off with a SF
              character, then there is a huge yellow and white sunburst effect
              like in the Alpha series. Some Supers have big flags that warn
              you that they're gonna come, so watch for them, like when
              Cyclops folds his arms before he does his Mega Optic Blast.

 Dual Supers- To do a Dual Super, simply do a QCF with FP & FK. You need at
              least a Level 2 bar to this. These are extremly deadly, but some
              Duals just don't work well together. Try to get Duals with two
              projectiles in it or one body attack and one projectile. Be very
              careful as the character coming IN pauses for a while before
              unleashing his/her attack. One example is my fav team of Akuma
              and Juggernaut. If you do the Dual with Akuma on the screen,
              Akuma will immediately throw the fireball and as they're getting
              pummeled Juggernaut will Headcrush 'em. However, if you do the
              Dual with Juggernaut on the screen, Juggernaut will pummel the
              foe with the Headcrush, and they will fly away and the fireball
              will miss!



       The classic method of combos. These add the spice to a move.
  Simply do a Special move in the middle of a regular move to cancel
  the rest of the animation and do the special move. These can be blended
  with all types of combos. You might want to know this if you want powerful
  combos to beat up opponents. All moves can be cancelled into a special move.
 Chain Combos

       Sometimes called the Magic Series, these bad boys can take out a lot
  of energy from your opponents bar. Each character is limited to their own
  extent, so these combos may not always work. You can always start with a
  Jab, and work your way up. Characters like Juggernaut and Zangief are very
  limited, but guys like Ryu and Cyclops can dish out many hits. One chain
  with Ryu is a ducking WP, ducking MP, and a ducking FP. The ducking FP is a
  Pop Up, which can lead to more hits, as explained below.

 Air Combos

       Air Combos can do vast amounts of damage if blended well with other
  moves. To start one, you must do a Pop Up move. These moves knock your
  opponent up into the air, so you can Super Jump at them and start hammering
  away! A lot of the Pop Ups are different. Some knock the enemy very high
  up, medium, or knock them a tad up. Some of them also hit the enemy away at
  different angles. Air Combos are just Chain Combos in the air. After you
  super jump, you must press a sequence of buttons. You can start with Jab or
  Short, the lowest buttons, and work your way up to a Fierce button. The
  fierce button ( as in Roundhouse or sometimes Fierce ) usuallly sends the
  opponent flying! It is different for some characters. The order for this
  sequence is different for each character, which I have come to conclude.
  You can tag a special move on to the end instead of a Fierce button, doing
  more damage. You can also jump in with a Chain Combo, and start to work your
  way to a Pop Up move. If you are able to successfully mix a Jumping Chain,
  a Standing Chain, and an Air Combo, then you can dish out a helluva damaging
  combo. Some may find it difficult to Super Jump soon enough to Air Combo.
  You only have to press UP after any Pop Up, not Down, Up. If you know you're
  gonna do a Pop Up, then just get ready to press up and the buttons for your
  combo. Practice makes perfect. Just be sure you do the jump early, for at
  the peak of their" flight " they recover and they can attack you or block
  again. Some Pop Ups and moves don't always go smoothly, so just learn its
  timing and practice a lot. Some guys seem to act heavier and fall faster and
  not being sent up that high by hits when compared to other guys, so some
  things might not work on certain characters because of their light or heavy
  weight. Big guys won't really budge after a hit, so that means more possible
  hits than on a small character.
 Off the Ground Combos

       These combos are basically hitting/juggling opponents off the
  floor. As you may have noticed, you can hit opponents when they're on
  the floor, unlike in Street Fighter games. Start with an attack and link
  it to another attack, whether it be special or regular. With most of
  the characters, you can chain buttons together. Wolverine for example,
  can link buttons together. You may even be able to chain moves in to
  Pop Ups. Wolverine can dash in and do a ducking Wk to start, ducking Mp
  to hit them in to the air, and a standing Fk to launch them up for an
  Air combo. These moves are basically juggle combos, but not quite.
  These come in handy even if you don't do a combo, like bashing a fallen
  character with a Juggernaut Punch or Berserker Barrage.

 Juggle Combos
       Juggle Combos aren't exactly the best kinds, but they are
  pretty powerful. Unlike in Marvel Super Heroes, you can juggle the
  foe easily after a throw. Juggle combos are just hitting them while
  they are helpless in the air. One example is Ken doing a ducking
  Roundhouse in to a Hurricane Kick. The sweep will make them fall back
  in to the air, and you follow them with a Hurricane Kick juggling them.
  Another example is Juggernaut doing a Mp throw. They bounce off the
  floor, and Juggernaut punches them as they are in the air. Juggle combos
  aren't hard to do, and they are powerful too.
 Quick Reference Guide

 Team Street Fighter

 * Ryu

 Special Moves

  Hadoken/Fireball - QCF, any punch ( G/A )

  Tatsu-maki-senpu-kyaku/Hurricane Kick - QCB, any kick ( G/A )

  Shoryuken/Dragon Punch - DP, any punch ( G )

  Collarbone Breaker - F, Strong ( G )

  Hop Kick - F, Forward ( G )

  Jumping Side Kick - U, Roundhouse ( A )

 Super Moves

  Shinkuu Hadoken/Super Fireball - QCF, 3x Punches ( G/A )

  Shinkuu Tatsu-maki-senpu-kyaku/Super Hurricane Kick - QCB, 3x Kicks ( G )
 * Ken
 Special Moves
  Hadoken/Fireball - QCF, any punch ( G/A )

  Tatsu-maki-senpu-kyaku/Hurricane Kick - QCB, any kick ( G/A )
  Shoryuken/Dragon Punch - DP, any punch ( G/A )

  Crazy Kick - F, and Forward ( G )
  Jumping Side Kick - U, Roundhouse ( A )

 Super Moves

  Shoryreppa/Rising Dragon Wave - QCF, 3x Punches ( G )
  Shinryuken/Vertical Dragon Wave - QCF, 3x Kicks ( G )

 * Akuma

 Special Moves

  Go-Hadoken/Great Fireball - QCF, any punch ( G )

  Zanku-Hadoken/Air Fireball - QCF, any punch ( A )

  Tatsu-maki-zanku-kyaku/Hurricane Kick - QCB, any kick ( G/A )

  Go-shoryuken/Great Dragon Punch - DP, any punch ( G/A )

  Ashura-senku/Teleport - DP, 3x Punches or 3x Kicks ( G )

  Dive Kick - QCF, any kick ( A )

  Overhead Chop - F, Strong ( G )

  Hop Kick - F, Forward ( G )
  Jumping Side Kick - U, Roundhouse ( A )
 Super Moves

  Messatsu-go-hadoken/Super Fireball - QCB, 3x Punches ( G/A )

  Messatsu-go-shoryuken/Rising Dragon Wave - QCF, 3x Punches ( G )

  Tenma-go-zanku/Super Air Fireball - QCF, 3x Punches ( A )

  Shun-goku-satsu/Demon Rage - Wp, Wp, Wk + Forward, Fp ( G )

 * Chun Li

 Special Moves
  Kikoken - HCF, any punch ( G )

  Lightning Kick - press any kick rapidly ( G/A )

  Rising Bird Kick - Hold down for 2 seconds, up and any kick ( G )

  Axe Kick - HCB, any kick ( G )

  Head Stomp - D, Forward ( A )

  Neck Breaker - DF, Roundhouse ( G )
 Super Moves

  Kiko-Sho - QCF, 3x Punches ( G )

  Sen-retsu-kyaka/Chaos Kick - QCF, 3x Kicks ( G )

  Super Spinning Bird Kick - QCB, 3x Kicks ( G )

 * Cammy

 Special Moves                             +

  Cannon Drill - QCF, any kick ( G/A )

  Thrust Kick - DP, any kick ( G )

  Spinning Knuckle - QCF, any punch ( G )

  Dive Kick - QCB, any kick ( A )
  Hooligan Jump - QCB, any kick ( G )

  Cannon Counter - QCB, any punch ( G )

 Super Moves

  Beadstar Knockout- QCF, 3x Kicks ( G )

  Maximum Cammy - QCB, 3x Kicks ( A )

 * Charlie

 Special Moves

  Sonic Boom - Hold back for 2 seconds, forward and any punch ( G )
  Flash Kick - Hold down for 2 seconds, up and any kick ( G )

  Blade Slice - U, UF, F, any kick ( A )

 Super Moves

  Sonic Break - QCF, 3x Punches ( G )

  Somersault Justice - QCB, 3x Kicks ( G )

  Crossfire Blitz - QCF, 3x Kicks ( G )

 * Zangief

 Special Moves

  Spinning Lariat - 3x Punches ( G/A )
  Short Spinning Lariat - 3x Kicks ( G/A )
  Spinning Piledriver - 360 degrees, any punch ( G/A )
  Siberian Suplex - 360 degrees, any kick ( G ) ( close )

  Siberian Bear Crusher - HCF, any kick ( G ) ( close )
  Leaping Air Slam - HCB, any kick ( G )

  Banishing Punch/Green Glove - DP, any punch ( G )

  Elbow Slam - F, Strong ( G )

  Elbow Drop - D, Strong ( A )

  Body Splash - D, Fierce ( A )

 Super Moves

  Final Atomic Buster - 360 degrees, 3x Punches ( G )
  Leaping Death Snatch - QCF, 3x Kicks ( G )

 * M. Bison

 Special Moves

  Psycho Shot - QCF, any punch ( G )
  Scissor Kick/Demon Knee Press - HCF, any kick ( G/A )

  Head Stomp - Hold down for 2 seconds, press up, any kick, punch ( G )

  Demon Fist - Hold down for 2 seconds, press up, any punch, punch ( G )

  Delayed Spark - QCB, any punch ( G )

  Flying - QCB, 3x Kicks ( G/A )

  Bison Warp - DP or reverse DP, any button ( G/A )

 Super Moves

  Psycho Crusher - QCF, 3x Punches ( G/A )

  Demonic Knee Press Nightmare - QCF, 3x Kicks ( G )

 * Dhalsim

 Special Moves

  Yoga Fire - QCF, any punch ( G/A )

  Yoga Flame - HCB, any punch ( G )

  Yoga Blast - HCB, any kick ( G )

  Yoga Teleport - DP or backwards DP, 3x Kicks or 3x Punches ( G/A )

  Yoga Spear - D, any kick ( A )

  Yoga Torpedo - D, Fierce ( A )
 Super Moves

  Yoga Inferno - QCF, 3x Punches ( G )

  Yoga Strike - QCF, 3x Kicks ( G )
 Team X-Men:
 * Magneto
 Special Moves

  EM Disrupter - QCF, any punch ( G/A )
  Hyper Gravitation - HCB, any kick ( G/A )
  Magnetic Blast - U, UF, F any punch ( A )

  Flying - QCB, 3x Kicks ( G/A )

  Force Field- HCF, any kick ( G )

 Super Moves

  Magnetic Shockwave- QCF, 3x Punches ( G )

  Magnetic Tempest- QCF, 3x Kicks ( G/A )

 * Juggernaut

 Special Moves

  Juggernaut Punch - QCF, any punch ( G )

  Earthquake - QCB, any Punch ( G )

  Body Splash - HCF, any kick ( G/A )

  Super Taunt Throw - QCB, any kick  ( G )

  Power Up! - DP, 3x Punches ( G )

  Object - D, D, 3x Punches ( G )

  Double Fist - F, Fierce ( G )

 Super Moves

  Juggernaut Headcrush - QCF, 3x Punches ( G )

 * Cyclops
 Special Moves

  Optic Blast - QCF, any punch ( G/A )

  Ground Blast - QCB, any punch ( G )

  Gene Splice - DP, any punch ( G )

  Clothesline - Dash, Fierce and Roundhouse ( G )

  Cyclops Kick - QCB, any kick ( G )
  Fatal Flurry - Dash, Jab and Short, then punch rapidly ( G )

 Super Moves

  Mega Optic Blast - QCF, 3x Punches ( G )

  Geometric Blast - DP, 3x Punches ( G/A )

 * Wolverine

 Special Moves
  Drill Claw - Strong and Short ( G/A )

  Tornado Claw - DP, any punch ( G )

  Berserker Barrage - QCF, any punch ( G )

  Dart Kick - Down and Medium Kick ( A )

  Slide - DF, Fierce ( G )

 Super Moves                         

  Berserker Barrage X - QCF, 3x Punches ( G )

  Weapon X - DP, 3x Punches ( G )

 * Sabretooth

 Special Moves

  Berserker Claw - QCF, any punch ( G )

  Jumping Grab - DP, any punch ( G )

  Birdie Gun - QCB, any kick ( G )

 Super Moves

  Berserker Claw X - QCF, 3x Punches ( G )

  Saber X - DP, 3x Punches ( G )

  Armed Birdie - QCB, 3x Kicks ( G )

 * Gambit

 Special Moves
  Kinetic Card - QCF, any punch ( G/A )

  Upwards Card - QCB, any punch ( G )

  Cajun Strike - Hold down for 2 seconds, press up, any punch, then
                 punch or kick ( G )

  Cajun Escape - Hold down for 2 seconds, press up, any kick ( G )

  Cajun Slash - DP, any punch ( G )

 Super Moves

  Royal Flush - QCF, 3x Punches ( G )
 * Rogue

 Special Moves

  Multiple Punches - QCF, any punch ( G/A )

  Upward Punches - DP, any punch ( G )

  Kamikaze Drop - DP, any kick ( G )

  Power Stealing Kiss - QCB, any kick ( G/A )

  Stolen Power - QCF, any kick ( ? )
 Super Moves

  Super Punches and Kiss - QCF, 3x Punches ( G/A )
  Demon Rage - Wp, Wp, Wk + Forward, Fp ( G )
      ( After kissing Akuma )
  Stolen Powers!

  Ryu - Hadoken
  Ken - Shoryuken
  Charlie - Sonic Boom
  Zangief - Spinning Piledriver
  Chun Li - Kikoken
  Cammy - Cannon Drill
  Dhalsim - Yoga Flame
  M. Bison - Psycho Shot
  Wolverine - Berserker Barrage
  Cyclops - Optic Blast
  Gambit - Kinetic Card
  Sabretooth - Berserker Claw
  Storm - Typhoon
  Juggernaut - Earthquake
  Magneto - Hyper Gravitation
  Akuma - Zanku-hadoken and Demon Rage

 * Storm

 Special Moves                                 

  Typhoon - QCF, any punch ( G/A )

  Ground Typhoon - QCB, any punch ( G/A )

  Lightning Ball - Strong punch, control direction with joystick ( A )

  Shocking Charge - Strong and Short ( G/A )

  Flying - QCB, 3x Kicks ( G/A )
 Super Moves

  Lightning Storm - QCF, 3x Punches ( G/A )

  Hail Storm - QCB, 3x Punches ( G )
 * Apocalypse

 Special Moves

  Mace Fist


  Energy Bolts



 Super Moves

  Mega Drill