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 Gameking                                                 Chinese                                                             NJ win
 Gameking C_MN                                     Chinese                                                             NJ win
 Emumania                                                 Spanish                                                            nothing
 Emusofthouse                                           Chinese                                                            NJ win                       
 Emu 365                                                    Chinese                                                             NJ win
Aceroms                                                     Spanish                                                            nothing
Cps-2shock                                                English                                                              nothing
Internet Roms
Street Fighter Alpha                                  *28 min                                                             nothing
Street Fighter Alpha2                                *50 min                                                             nothing
Street Fighter  Alpha 3                              *1 hour>30min                                          56k,dsl,cable or nothing
X-men vs Street Fighter                            *1hour 30min                                             samething
1941                                                               ?                                                                Same
3 wonders                                                    *3 hours                                                      same
U.N. Squadren                                              ?                                                                 same
Captain Commando                                    ?                                                                 same
Carrier Wing                                                 ?                                                                 same
Street Fighter 2                                            *28min                                                       same
Street fighter C.E (Champion Edition)       *38min                                                      same
Strider                                                           *48min                                                       same
Vampire Savior                                            *1hour 30min                                            same
X-men Children of the Atom                       *1Hour 40min                                           same
Internet Emulatorz
Final Burn v.134                                           *5 min                                                         same
The part where the links are in the center are The language
For the roms....in the center is the place where how long it takes to download the rom.