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Q)What are roms?
A)A file downloaded file that is playable with a emulator.

This section is  about begginers' Questions people asked me about the emulators And roms.
Q:The emulator I downlaoaded does not work!
A:Probrobly the emulator you downlaoded does not work on windows 95,Mac,etc.Check out which Program the emulator works on first.
Q:Which version should I downlaod?
A:It's not my choice.You decide which is better.
Q:What are roms(2)?
A:To be specific these files are actualy games in files
or what ever you say they are.You need them to play the game you wish to play!
Q:I put a King Of fighters 2000 in a Super nintendo emulator And it does not work!
A:What the Hell!!!!! Your not supposed to do that!!!!!
Read the read Me file for what game it supports first!

This section is about advanced questions people asked me.
Q:I downloaded finalburn alpha v.135. It does not work and I already put the romset in the directory!!!
A:You left out the CFG directory file for your game.
Without it you will not be able to play the game.
Q:Can I cheat in final burn emulators?
A:Yes and No.Some Versions of finalburn emulators cannot cheat and some could!

This section is about new realease of a new emulator(if you are interested in finalburn)
finalburn alpha v.135
What's New
  1) Fixed FFightj GFX Loading
  2) Added 2 new fields to the driver structure
  3) Added Treble Winner's changes fixing descriptions of many of the inputs.
  4) Changed the load dialog to support the new text fields.
  5) removed the multi rom path code as it needs fixing.
  6) Added Merged CPS1 Drivers (Rest of the games!)
  7) Fixed Mercs and clones, Cawingj, Cworld2j, Pnickj & Qad GFX Loading
  8) Fixed 3wonders and clones & willow and clones GFX Loading   Banks
  9) Added the inputs that was missing, but were included in MAME
 10) Added Captain Commando and clones driver
 11) Added Mega Twins and clones driver (thanks to Diablo82 & Treble_Winner)
 12) Fixed SF2 Init13 (thanks to Treble_Winner)
 13) Added TrebleWinners default controls code. Default controls can now be set in the ini      (eg: 0=keyboard, 1=joystick 1, 2=joystick 2, etc...
 14) Minor tweak to the load menu display
 15) Added Ayeye's Pause Code. FinalBurn Alpha will now pause when the window loses focus.      NB: the gui must be hidden for this to occur.
 16) Fixed problems with Win95/Kaillera incompatabilities (KEV)
 17) Added drivers for the new CPS2shock releases (Battle Circuit, Eco Fighters, SFA3           clones & Vampire clone).

Here are questions many people had asked me!!!!!
Q: When I play games online the controls are messed up. Why?
A: You either have really bad lag or you need to change the bReadInputEveryFrame to
   a different value. It works ok for other people.
Q: Where can I get the roms?
A) We will not answer questions like that. Also we will not tell you where to get files
   that you are missing, such as correct roms, XORs, or anything else.